Giant Betta Fish Guide – How to take care of Your Giant Betta Fish


A giant Betta Fish is indeed one of the great fishes you can place in your aquarium. Aside from the low-cost maintenance and being relatively easy to take care of, it is also a colorful fish that is attractive to put in your fish tank.

However, before deciding to bring home that this type of fish for your aquarium, make sure that you have a Giant Betta Fish guide to help you understand the behavior and preferences of this type of fish when it comes to keeping them in an aquarium.giant female betta fish  A complete Giant Betta Fish guide from knowing the right water temperature to feeding your fish to breeding will help a lot in making your bettas healthy and happy in the fish tank.

Preparing the fish tank

This type of fish thrives in shallow waters in their original habitat, so you don’t need to worry about having a small tank to put one betta on it. However, the more space you can provide your betta, the healthier and more active it can become. For one betta, a small tank with half gallon of water can do, but you can also opt for a larger one.

You can put in aquarium gravel, live plants and as well as floating ones. If you are putting plastic structures in the fish tank, make sure that you choose something that will not tear the fins of your colorful friend. Avoid making them too crowded that it can make your fish stuck in between them.

Test the pH level or acidity of the water you put into the tank. The closer it is to 7. 0pH, the better, but a pH of 6. 5 or 7. 5 can still be fine with this type of fish. Keep in mind that the Giant Betta Fish are originally from South East Asia thus, they love water temperatures ranging from 77 to 80 degrees. Although they can still live in temperature lower than this, the change should be introduced gradually. For details on setting up their home, you should research and find a good Giant Betta Fish guide to help you with it detail by detail.

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