Better Call Saul Season 6 Predictions

The final season of the uber-popular sequel for Breaking Bad is set to premiere during the 1st quarter of 2022 according to AMC. Better Call Saul is expected to be among the most popular shows of the season and is expected to build on the enormous success of previous seasons, and deliver the final installment that is full of Breaking Bad madness that we’ve always wanted to see.

Fans are buzzing with speculations about what they might see in the finale. A lot of people are looking for clues from the beginning of Breaking Bad as to what will transpire during the season finale while others come up with their own theories on what Jimmy and his crew may be doing in Season 6.

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Now, let’s look at some intriguing predictions for the finale of Better Call Saul.

Lalo Will Kill Nacho’s Dad

Nacho’s father, Manuel is one of the most normal and sensible characters of the Breaking Bad universe, and as you’d imagine this doesn’t go against the criminally insane characters on the show. Manuel was already getting into trouble with Gus the villain from the first show who brought his son Victor to demonstrate to Nacho how easy it was to take down his father.

Now, Lalo, who is exactly as insane as Gus or even more, is aware that Nacho was a traitor to him, and there’s never more compelling reason to seek revenge on Nacho. One of the first targets that pops into the mind is, naturally the gentle Manuel who will most likely be executed in some of the episodes in the new series.

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Jimmy Will Buy His Cadillac and Move Office

In the series Breaking Bad, we all know that Jimmy ends up becoming one of the wealthiest lawyers in town, having appeared in numerous commercials, and having some of the toughest criminals as clients. When you have this kind of power situs judi live casino terpercaya, accountability isn’t all that comes with it, but so is money, lots of it!

We are predicting that in the final season Jimmy will eventually relocate to his famous office at the strip mall and then buy his dream car, one of the Cadillac.

Kim and Jimmy Will Be Together in the Present

Better Call Saul starts out by showing us how Saul eventually needs a vacuum cleaner. He is working at a fast-food establishment most likely somewhere located in the Midwest. We predict that Kim will one day be a part of Jimmy as he adjusts to his new home, whether by calling for the vacuum cleaner for herself or simply moving to the area. One hint about this is the fact that Kim was wearing the “Kansas City” shirt in the finale in Season 5.

Biggest Characters From Breaking Bad Will Appear

We’ve seen several people who were on Breaking Bad re-appear in Better Call Saul and there’s no reason to believe we’ll see any new characters in the final season. The fans are, obviously, hoping they’ll witness Walter and Jesse on screen for the last time. I’m sure that they’d love to be able to see Hank and his witty jokes, too.

Vince Gilligan himself stated that he would love to have Jesse and Walter before the show’s end The finale season is the final chance to get it done. We’re hoping it occurs.

Lalo Will Kill Nacho (Or The Other Way Around)

We’ve already discussed the inevitable war that will ensue between Lalo and Nacho which is likely to take place. Nacho’s father will likely become the primary victim in this conflict however that may not suffice to satisfy Lalo who may decide to murder Nacho himself. But, Nacho already knows this and will likely prefer for himself to be the initial to shoot.

It seems like a certain scenario, and it’s completely logical after everything that happened in the finale of Season 5 However, the one thing we’ve learned from all seasons of watching Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is that events do not always unfold as viewers expect them to and that there’s always a twist in the plot. At the end of the day, we’ll be waiting to find out what unfolds.

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