Galaxy koi betta fish Is the Perfect Pet Fish

Galaxy koi betta fish Is the Perfect Pet Fish

I still remember the first time I saw two beautiful looking fish in a friend’s house. One fish was blue and the other was red, and they were swimming majestically in their fishbowls. That was my first encounter with a fish species known as Galaxy koi betta fish or Betta Splendens or Siamese galaxy koi male betta fish  Fighting Fish (three names that refer to one fish).

Up until today, I’m still keeping a few of them in my house, and they make perfect pet fish for my family. Every member of my family loves them.

Why do i like most about Galaxy koi betta fish, you may ask. Definitely, I have many different reasons, but here are three of them.

Galaxy koi betta fish are beautiful pet.

It’s a tropical fish that comes with different colors such as red, blue and yellow. Some galaxy koi betta fish have more than one color on their bodies. Believe it or not! I can spend hours looking at how galaxy koi betta fish move in their bowls but even if you don’t know a thing about galaxy koi betta fish, you will be mesmerized by their colors alone.

galaxy koi betta fish are easy to care.

galaxy koi betta fish are hardy type of fish and they can live in a small container. A small fishbowl is enough to house one Betta fish, but be aware that two male galaxy koi betta fish shouldn’t be placed in one container. Or else, these two galaxy koi betta fish might fight until death (that’s why they are also called Siamese fighting fish).

galaxy koi betta fish are responsive.

If you have a galaxy koi betta fish in a small fishbowl and you move closer to the fish, you’ll see that your fish will turn its head to look at you. That’s what makes me fall in love with galaxy koi betta fish. They are responsive to your presence and aware that you are there, unlike many other pet fish.

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